Thursday, 1 May 2008


What the hell? I feel like a cow drifting down a never- ending stream of molasses- consciousness and honey-bunches-of-freudian-oats . . . or something weird like that. Just when I thought blogspot was the last networky, bloggy, shoppy, websitey thing I was going to do to promote my art, etsy goes and sends me an email saying that there's this site. mooooooo . . . gotta git me some a dem oats . . . .

Hey, but you know what? I dig me some etsy folk! And are there some talented peeps out there, or what? I even made friends with some of them. (Awww.)

OK, so I did spend the entire day messing around with my profile format instead of cutting out magnets and signing ACEOs, but as you can see, I was able to fit in an hour+ walk with little ms. poppy pants -- who can't be more tuckered out!

So, go check out the site and my profile! And, um, if you're reading this at blogspot first, just pretend you didn't notice that I'm plagiarizing myself by running this in both places.

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