Wednesday, 30 April 2008

street magnets! a kinda "how-to"

I lied when I said that I haven't done ANYTHING to market my cookie chang products. Last fall I had this idea to do what the crumz were already doing -- graffiti. But, being a 42 year old woman in a new country, I thought it might not be too smart to get busted drawing on public buildings . . . and anyway, what the crumz are doing is "virtual crumfiti" not "actual graffiti."

So I said to myself, "Self, what if you could leave your mark around town without actually defacing property?" And what magically popped into my head? MAGNETS!

Being a natural cheapo-minded artist, I fit a bunch of 1" circular designs on an A4 page, printed it out on my inkjet printer, painstakingly cut out little "" labels to affix to the back of each, laminated the page, cut each out with my 1" circle punch and stuck a little magnet to the backs. Fantastic idea, right? Uh, not in rainy olde England is wasn't!

One beautiful sunny day kpie and I put them up all over Lewes and Brighton. I skipped home, certain that the next day I would check my web stats and find thousands of new hits! Well, I did get a few extra from my efforts . . . until it rained . . . and rained and rained. When it finally let up I scoured the places we'd put them, only to find soggy, smeared paper and peeling lamination.

Now, several months later, I've discovered a better way . . . and I want to share it! I've been getting postcards and ACEOs printed online at (or for several months now. They're all over the world and well-known for their free business cards. You can get 250 for free, but apparently they have vistaprint info on the back. Smart marketing on their part! But if you're like me, you want the thrill of seeing ONLY your designs on printed material.

So I got on their mailing list. They send one promo a day -- all advertising FREE products. Now if I've learned one thing in this lifetime, it's that nothing is FREE. But sometimes you can get a damn good deal if you pay attention!

Get on vistaprint's mailing list and take the time to look at the promos when you need something printed. Some of the postcard offers give you free uploads, free B&W printing on the backs and free glossy finishes. If you're willing to wait 21 days, you'll only end up paying £3.70 + VAT for 100 standard postcards.

I digress. We're talking about MAGNETS, not postcards. But the idea is the same. Vistaprint's magnets are 4-colour process on vinyl magnet sheets and don't fall to bits when it rains! I spent considerably more than £3.70 + VAT, but did some work to make sure I got 6 different designs on the large size (same size as the standard postcard), and cut them out with an x-acto knife. Voila! 100 sheets magically became 600 bright, colourful magnets which advertise my etsy site and my website! Easy peasy! The whole thing cost me £65.00 . . . but are FREE to you if you find one.

Now all you have to do is look for them on the streets! The crumz are busy putting them up from Seattle to Portland to Brighton to Lewes . . . to a metallic urban surface near you! Let me know where you found yours.


Melanie said...

Oh yeah??? I WANT ONE!! Or two, or three, or four, or five, or six.... Love you!

ramey holsman said...

Then I shall send you some! Perhaps we can add Vancouver to the list while we're at it? I love you too!

Karkeys said...

Crumz will be sprinkled around the Colorado region as well. We'll have little Cookie Chang's sprouting up all over the place!


ramey holsman said...

Little cookie changs sprouting up all over the place is a very exciting prospect! Thank you for all your support, cuz. Ich liebe dich :-)

Karkeys said...


ramey holsman said...

OK, I'm stumped! I tried babelfish and other places, but I don't know what 사랑해요 is!

Melanie said...

You don't?!?! It means I LOVE YOU in Korean!!! Duh.....

Karkeys said...

I dunno Mel. Can she REALLY call herself Korean? I bet she doesn't even eat kimchee.

Show some proof Ramey. This is quite disturbing.

ramey holsman said...

EAT kimchee? I M-A-K-E kimchee! Bring it!!