Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Weigukin RULES!!!

Diggin' me some Kokoba love in her etsy treasury for all things Korean! She featured my "Let's Fight Garlic Breath Together" art card and pinback button (badge). You can buy your very own right here! Kamsahamnida, numbers grrl!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Another Dr. Sketchy Brighton Project . . .

This was a little moving "thank you card" to for naming Brighton the "Branch of the Fortnight" (Aug. 9-21, 2010). Just some simple stop motion shots of my naughty skool grrlz, wind-up dollz and photo backdrops of Brighton!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

creating dolls for dr sketchy brighton

I've been a little out of control lately, putting Dr. Sketchy Brighton back on the UK map! In addition to meeting some stellar people and getting everything organized, I've been able to get my art on too.

Since this is my first event, I didn't have any photos or videos to post, so I had to thumb through all my cerebral folders to come up with a way to present our Back to Skool event visually. Hmmm . . . back to skool? What could be more fun than naughty, sneaky, stinky St. Trinian's SKOOL GRRLZ? Uh, nothing.

And this is where ebay my ebay comes in! When in creative limbo, do an ebay search. Weird advice? Not for me. Nothing gets my creative mojo back faster than looking at strange items on ebay and imagining even stranger things I can turn them into.

Enter a big box of bendable MAJORETTES. A little paint here, some ink there, a whittled down bamboo skewer and VOILA! Dr. Sketchy Brighton Skool Grrlz.
Did somebody say a box full of wind-up soldiers? KER-POW! Paint, ink, masking tape, bamboo skewer . . . DANCING Dr. Sketchy Brighton Skool Grrlz! (Watch the video to see the "dance.")

I know it's much more realistic to have real humans in photos and videos, and I'm sure I'll be posting loads of those in the very near future, but something tells me we haven't seen the last of these little plastic entities. They're already kicking holes in their boxes screaming to get out . . .

By the way, did I mention we give prizes at our Dr. Sketchy Brighton events? Any guesses what some of those prizes might be?