Sunday, 30 December 2012

teaming up with little hapas – video ad!

Well that was fun! We're already planning of our next project depicting little hapas takeaway art. Of course it will be posted here.

All images, dolls, props, animation, sound (including voices) and photography ©Ramey Holsman (aka cookie chang) & little hapas. The wonderful background watercolour townscape was created by ©Kate Cooper (aka kpie88).

Friday, 14 December 2012

little hapas : creativity takes many forms

Oy vey have I been busy! So busy I nearly forgot about cookie chang.

"How could you do this!?" you may ask.

Truth is, I didn't really forget about cookie. How could I? She's been my left-hand gal, whispering ideas in my ear for our latest creation, little hapas : world fusion street food & takeaway art.

In addition to developing little hapas ethos (plus designing and illustrating everything around it), and hapa-izing our adorable new Aixam Megavan . . . we've been busy experimenting in the kitchen for the better part of the year! We've mixed and matched flavours from around the world – from Korean burritos to Mex-Italian quesadillas to kungPOW! hapacorn.

We're in the process of getting our online shop up and running too, so you'll be able to make your own world fusion street food with our hapasauce no matter how far you are from Sussex!

Did I mention that little hapas also "serves" takeaway art!?  Our tiny cab windows make the perfect place for the loco hoco mini gallery, featuring art by cookiechang (ramey holsman) & kpie88 (kate cooper) -- prints, original iron-on art patches, badges, etc.

Give little hapas some love on facebook and tune in to our tweets. And PLEASE don't forget about cookie chang! She may have traded paint for soy sauce at the moment, but that doesn't mean she's stopped creating.