Saturday, 4 September 2010

art4art Dr. Sketchy Brighton prizes

Well, the day is nearly upon us . . . I can't believe my first Dr. Sketchy Brighton event is tomorrow! Here's the grand prize I've been working on – a one-of-a-kind "shorty" art doll.

I scored a huge box of these dolls (ebay my ebay) who started their lives as really boring "action" type dudes with camo/firefighter/worker clothes. I've cut their arms and legs down to make them a little more squat and better balanced to stand on their own; painted their boots, altered and added clothing, drawn facial hair and hawked the heck out of 'em!

amanita muscaria iron-on patch
Next month I'm hoping to collaborate on their clothing with Clare at red mutha. Only way to find out is to get down to Latest MusicBar and win your very own at our Dia de los Muertos show! (Well, we might just have some for sale in our prospective online shops too ;-) Stay tuned . . .

one blue eye, one brown eye