Friday, 4 January 2013

Lucia Debrazi is Sleeping with the Fishes, Pt 1

Good lord that was a long time coming! And it's just been sitting on my computer too. Well, I had to face the fact that I wasn't going to finish this project unless I had some incentive, so I thought I'd better post Part 1 to get the ball rolling.

As every artist knows, the biggest ideas can start with the smallest nudges. Back in July 2011, I posted lucia debrazi is sleeping with the fishes . . . It was just a title I threw out after meeting one of my little sister's craft challenges: "Create something that starts with the letter B." So sue me, I went a little off-track (in character). Lucia's story took hold and wouldn't let go of me for a number of weeks . . . months . . . and I created Part 1 and  "a word from our sponsors," cookie chang's commercial.

Then I got busy creating little hapas : world fusion street food & takeaway art, and Lucia went back to sleep with the fishes for a good, long nap.  Hey, I'm not complaining. I'm up for anything that keeps my creativity machine well-oiled – even if I had to trade my paint brushes in for wooden spoons and baking trays for a little while. cookie chang kept kicking me in the shins, begging to get back to art, animation and goofiness, so we gave her a little hapas commercial to work on to keep her busy.

Happy 2013. Here's to more art, more food creations, more animation and more cookie chang & little hapas collaborations!

All images, animation, characters, props, art, photography, sound and story ©Ramey Holsman (aka cookie chang). All rights reserved •

Voice of Decima (and Decima's art) ©Kate Cooper (aka kpie88) •

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