Tuesday, 3 June 2008

NEW! crumfiti uk POSTCARD & BADGE pack!

check it out! cookiechang.etsy.com
Includes: all 7 crumfiti postcards, 1 crumz badge (pin-back button)
and FREE MAGNET in a glossy, 4-color pack ...are you kidding?
Get yours today!


Melanie said...

And I'm laughing because your voice sounds oddly familiar....
like mine! :)

( ramey holsman ) said...

Cain't hardly help it -- we're sisterz! (At least I haven't developed a fake British accent like McDonna.)

Little Bolshevik said...

Hi Ramey:
glad to be able to catch up with your blogs and what you've been up to!

( ramey holsman ) said...

Thanks for reading Steph! Look forward to meeting you when you hop the pond :-)