Thursday, 15 May 2014


Dear Rook,

I thought you were a plastic bag
tied to a pole
filled with a handful of earth

just enough to make you
    and jerk
in the wind.

I thought you were designed by a clever farmer
to ward off
unwanted dinner guests.

But then you looked too real

and I saw
    in that same field
three of your sisters
dancing the same herking jerking

of feathered sinew.

I used to wave and smile at that farmer
    so noble
I thought.

Now I tag your funeral photo:
gunned down in her prime
paraded before the masses

Peck this bastard's field dry
    and don't stop 'til you hit

by Ramey Holsman ©2014

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

the return of the papalclip!

Back, ohhhh, something like 23 years ago, I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met you . . . Wait, no I wasn't. Let's start over.

Back, ohhhh, something like 23 years ago, I was doing graphic design the old-fashioned way – paste-up and layout – using a statcam, waxing strips of type and cutting things with X-acto blades for a little-known TV guide magazine in Portland, Oregon. I'd already done that kind of work for a few years, so usually finished my jobs quickly and had plenty of time to annoy my BFF, Nancy, whose layout table was directly behind mine. She also had a much more complicated job and was overworked to say the least, so it was rare for her to have idle hands, and rarer still an idle mouth – like mine.

Nancy had a strange attraction to Catholic iconography back then (still does, actually), and often drug me along to a hole-in-the-wall shop, deep in Southeast Portland, to buy little trinkets, medallions and prayer candles. I got a kick out of seeing how she displayed everything later – windowsill alters with tiny plastic nuns holding rubber pigs; prayer beads draped across picture frames; a crucifix magnet holding a Sex Pistols postcard to the fridge . . . her creativity knew no bounds.

So it wasn't too much of a stretch to find something, not only to amuse myself, but potentially get a giggle out of Nancy while I sat twiddling my thumbs, waiting for my boards to be proofread late one afternoon. I had been shooting a bright red paperclip across the room with a rubber band. I know, it sounds like something a 12 year old would do, but I never claimed to be mature – especially back then! My coworkers, including Nancy, were starting to get pretty annoyed with me.

I'm not sure who actually said it, but someone had a little slip of the tongue when throwing the paperclip back at me (with gusto), "Here's your stupid papel clip!"

Well that was all I needed.

"Papel clip!? Haa haa!! The Pope on a paperclip . . . I love it . . . a papalclip!! I'm makin' one!"

"Whatever keeps you quiet!" Nancy grumbled from behind her mounds of type.

I'm digging in my purse for a thin-line drawing pen, putting a new blade in my X-acto knife, scrounging through the wastebasket for the right weight of paper . . . and being anything but quiet.

"Hey, what do Popes wear anyway!? Purple? Red? White? They wear those funny hats don't they?"

"SHUT UP!!" It was a choir of voices.

"Sheesh. OK. Fine. I just can't picture what a pope looks like. I was raised baptist, not catholic," mutter mutter.

Now remember, 23 years ago you couldn't instantly google "pope photo" and scroll through thousands of images, so I just started sketching a tiny guy in a long white robe. It was primitive to say the least, but when I'd finished, I thought it aptly conveyed the joke. I carefully cut him out and taped him to the red paperclip.

When Nancy got up to go check on something in the other room, I ran over to her desk and clipped the top bundle of papers together with a little note: "papalclip." It was nearly time to go home.

"Hmm heh heh heh. Papalclip. It's perfect." Nancy quietly chortled.

"It's yours! You get the first ever papalclip!! I'm gonna make more!"

And I did. And I even sold a bunch in a local hipster gift shop. And a year or two later, I filed them away and forgot about them.

So, when that white smoke blew the other day, I thought about my BFF and that little red piece of wire. I figured it might be kinda fun to bring some new life back to the papalclip. Hope you like it too!

Love you Gweeb. Thanks for being so patient with me ;-)

Friday, 4 January 2013

Lucia Debrazi is Sleeping with the Fishes, Pt 1

Good lord that was a long time coming! And it's just been sitting on my computer too. Well, I had to face the fact that I wasn't going to finish this project unless I had some incentive, so I thought I'd better post Part 1 to get the ball rolling.

As every artist knows, the biggest ideas can start with the smallest nudges. Back in July 2011, I posted lucia debrazi is sleeping with the fishes . . . It was just a title I threw out after meeting one of my little sister's craft challenges: "Create something that starts with the letter B." So sue me, I went a little off-track (in character). Lucia's story took hold and wouldn't let go of me for a number of weeks . . . months . . . and I created Part 1 and  "a word from our sponsors," cookie chang's commercial.

Then I got busy creating little hapas : world fusion street food & takeaway art, and Lucia went back to sleep with the fishes for a good, long nap.  Hey, I'm not complaining. I'm up for anything that keeps my creativity machine well-oiled – even if I had to trade my paint brushes in for wooden spoons and baking trays for a little while. cookie chang kept kicking me in the shins, begging to get back to art, animation and goofiness, so we gave her a little hapas commercial to work on to keep her busy.

Happy 2013. Here's to more art, more food creations, more animation and more cookie chang & little hapas collaborations!

All images, animation, characters, props, art, photography, sound and story ©Ramey Holsman (aka cookie chang). All rights reserved •

Voice of Decima (and Decima's art) ©Kate Cooper (aka kpie88) •

Sunday, 30 December 2012

teaming up with little hapas – video ad!

Well that was fun! We're already planning of our next project depicting little hapas takeaway art. Of course it will be posted here.

All images, dolls, props, animation, sound (including voices) and photography ©Ramey Holsman (aka cookie chang) & little hapas. The wonderful background watercolour townscape was created by ©Kate Cooper (aka kpie88).

Friday, 14 December 2012

little hapas : creativity takes many forms

Oy vey have I been busy! So busy I nearly forgot about cookie chang.

"How could you do this!?" you may ask.

Truth is, I didn't really forget about cookie. How could I? She's been my left-hand gal, whispering ideas in my ear for our latest creation, little hapas : world fusion street food & takeaway art.

In addition to developing little hapas ethos (plus designing and illustrating everything around it), and hapa-izing our adorable new Aixam Megavan . . . we've been busy experimenting in the kitchen for the better part of the year! We've mixed and matched flavours from around the world – from Korean burritos to Mex-Italian quesadillas to kungPOW! hapacorn.

We're in the process of getting our online shop up and running too, so you'll be able to make your own world fusion street food with our hapasauce no matter how far you are from Sussex!

Did I mention that little hapas also "serves" takeaway art!?  Our tiny cab windows make the perfect place for the loco hoco mini gallery, featuring art by cookiechang (ramey holsman) & kpie88 (kate cooper) -- prints, original iron-on art patches, badges, etc.

Give little hapas some love on facebook and tune in to our tweets. And PLEASE don't forget about cookie chang! She may have traded paint for soy sauce at the moment, but that doesn't mean she's stopped creating.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Mushrooms + Lunar Boy Gallery = LOVE

On a recent trip back to my beautiful, green, wonderful Pacific Northwest, my mate Jessica (aka eekasan) and I ducked into Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria, Oregon. I had a handful of my latest miniature works -- hand-carved wooden mushrooms in situ (with "moss' and "trees" and original illustration backdrops) -- framed with jenga pieces!

Our timing couldn't have been better. They had an opening scheduled for that Saturday and promptly put all five of my pieces up for the event.

If you're in the Astoria area, stop by Lunar Boy (240 11th Street, Astoria, OR 97103) and have a gander. I'll be sending more creations their way soon. You can also view and/or purchase online --> HERE!

Visit and give cookie some love on facebook!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Lucia Debrazi is Sleeping with the Fishes TRAILER

A little teaser as I work on my latest project.

Full length movie coming in 2012! All props (carved wooden mushrooms, etc.), characters, sets created by Ramey Holsman (aka cookie chang).
Contact me for commissions!
all images and sound copyright ©2011 Ramey Holsman